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1Institution:  Cincinnati Art Museum Mary R. Schiff Library and ArchivesRequires cookie*
 Title:  Cincinnati Art Museum Publications and Audio-Visual Material 
 Dates:  1875-2009 
 Subjects:  Cincinnati Art Museum | Art Exhibition Catalogs | Postcards 
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2Institution:  Cincinnati Art Museum ArchivesRequires cookie*
 Title:  Cincinnati Art Club Records 
 Dates:  1890-2013, undated 
 Subjects:  Ashbrook, Paul, 1867-1949 | Duveneck, Frank, 1848-1919 | Farny, Henry, 1847-1916 | Rettig, John, 1855-1932 | Clubs (associations) 
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3Institution:  Cincinnati Art Museum ArchivesRequires cookie*
 Title:  Romilda Dilley (1910-2008) Papers 
 Dates:  1940s-1950s, undated 
 Subjects:  Advertising | Department stores | Advertising art 
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4Institution:  Cincinnati Art Museum ArchivesRequires cookie*
 Title:  Carolyn Stegner (1923-2009) Papers 
 Dates:  1940s-2006 
 Subjects:  Rookwood Pottery 
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5Institution:  Cincinnati Art Museum ArchivesRequires cookie*
 Title:  Thomas Nicosia (1899-1978) Papers 
 Dates:  20th century 
 Subjects:  Woodcarvers (woodworkers) 
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6Institution:  Cincinnati Art Museum ArchivesRequires cookie*
 Title:  Rookwood Pottery 
 Dates:  1880s-2000s 
 Subjects:  Altman, Harry | Bailey, Joseph | Cranch, Edward Pope | Daly, Matthew | Longworth Nichols Storer, Maria | McLaughlin, Mary Louise | Shirayamadani, Kataro | Valentien, Albert R. | Wareham, John D. | Frederick Dallas pottery works | Porcelain League of Cincinnati. | Rookwood Pottery | Ceramic (material) | Faience | Ox blood | Tiger-eye 
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7Institution:  Cincinnati Art Museum ArchivesRequires cookie*
 Title:  August James Weber (1888-1958) Papers 
 Dates:  Bulk, 1921-1922 
 Subjects:  Barnhorn, Clement J. | Bauer, Emil | Boll, John H. | Brown, Emma L. | Debreiner, George | Erdmann, Charles R. | Haas, F. William | Kingman, Hortense | Kohl, J.A. | Lippert, Leon | Macke, H.J. | Meurer, C.A. | Miller, Ben | Reich, Fred | Rettig, Martin | Schoenbachler, E. | Smith, Geneva | Steinhauer, Ben | Stuhlmann, Dick | Taylar, Hazel | Tracy, Glen | Traxel, William | Weber, Mary | Wiessler, William Jr. 
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8Institution:  Cincinnati Art Museum ArchivesRequires cookie*
 Title:  Henrietta and Katie Wilson Papers 
 Dates:  1888-1937, undated 
 Subjects:  Mendenhall, E. | Stanlaws, Penrhyn 
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9Institution:  Cincinnati Art Museum ArchivesRequires cookie*
 Title:  Curatorial - Print Department: Bookplate Collection 
 Dates:  1735-1931, undated 
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10Institution:  Cincinnati Art Museum ArchivesRequires cookie*
 Title:  Charles Cutler (1914-1971) Papers 
 Dates:  undated, 1940-1980 
 Subjects:  Cutler, Charles | Sculpture (visual work) | Sculptors 
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11Institution:  Cincinnati Art Museum ArchivesRequires cookie*
 Title:  John Ellsworth Weis (1892-1962) Collection 
 Dates:  1917-2005 
 Subjects:  Duveneck, Frank, 1848-1919 | Hopkins, James R., 1877-1969 | Meakin, Lewis Henry, 1850-1917 | Wessel, Herman, 1878- | Art Academy of Cincinnati. | Cincinnati Art Club. 
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12Institution:  Cincinnati Art Museum ArchivesRequires cookie*
 Title:  Paul Ashbrook (1867-1949) Papers 
 Dates:  Bulk, 1910-1998 
 Subjects:  Ashbrook, Henriette, 1879-1969 | Ashbrook, Robert, 1902-2000 | Duveneck, Frank, 1848-1919 | Art Academy of Cincinnati. | Henderson Lithograph Company. | Strobridge Lithographing Company. | Diaries | Ocean travel | Photography | Ships -- Photographs | Travel documents | Travel writing | Canada | Cincinnati (OH) | Cornwall (England) | Europe | Great Britain | Mexico | Caricatures | Etching (printing process) | Oil painting (technique) | Painting (image-making) | Printmaking | Travel guidebooks 
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13Institution:  Cincinnati Art Museum ArchivesRequires cookie*
 Title:  Cincinnati Art Businesses 
 Dates:  1880s-2000s, undated 
 Subjects:  Solway, Carl | Closson's (furniture store). | H. and S. Pogue Co. (department store). Pogue's. | John Shillito and Co. (department store). Shillito's. | Mabley and Carew (department store). | Rookwood Pottery | Traxel Art Galleries. | Art galleries (institutions) | Potteries (manufactories) | Printing firms 
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14Institution:  Cincinnati Art Museum ArchivesRequires cookie*
 Title:  Cincinnati Art Miscellany Collection 
 Dates:  1852-c.1989, undated 
 Subjects:  Procter and Gamble | Cincinnati Centennial Exposition | Cincinnati Fall Festival | Cincinnati Industrial Exposition | Ivory Soap | Ohio Watercolor Society | Soap sculpture 
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15Institution:  Cincinnati Art Museum ArchivesRequires cookie*
 Title:  Theodore Ashmead Langstroth II Collection 
 Dates:  1895-1978 
 Subjects:  McLaughlin, Mary Louise | Lithography 
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16Institution:  Cincinnati Art Museum ArchivesRequires cookie*
 Title:  Cincinnati Art Exhibitions 
 Dates:  1902-1977 
 Subjects:  Cincinnati Zoo. | Exhibitions (events) | World War, 1939-1945 | Cincinnati (OH) | Antiques (object genre) 
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17Institution:  Cincinnati Art Museum ArchivesRequires cookie*
 Title:  Cincinnati Art Organizations, Associations, Clubs and Societies 
 Dates:  1881-2013 
 Subjects:  Cincinnati Art Club. | Cincinnati Ceramic Club. | Cincinnati Crafters Company. | Cincinnati MacDowell Society. | Cincinnati Pottery Club. | Cincinnati Print and Drawing Circle. Cincinnati Graphic Arts Forum. | Contemporary Arts Center (Cincinnati, Ohio). Modern Art Society. | Fine Arts Fund. | Taft Museum. | Woman's Art Club. | Clubs (associations) 
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18Institution:  Cincinnati Art Museum ArchivesRequires cookie*
 Title:  Cincinnati Art Museum Permanent Collection 
 Dates:  1889-2009, undated 
 Subjects:  Fleischmann, Charles, III, 1928-2011 | Paterson, Elizabeth Bangs Currie | Steckelmann, Carl | Paterson, Elizabeth Bangs Currie | Ford, Henry, 1863-1947 | Steckelmann, Carl | Fleischmann, Charles, III, 1928-2011 | Nicosia, Thomas, 1899-1978 | African art | African art | Miniatures (portrait) | Miniatures (portrait) | Miniatures (portrait) | Woodworking | Woodcarvers (woodworkers) 
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19Institution:  Cincinnati Art Museum ArchivesRequires cookie*
 Title:  Mary Alice Heekin Burke Papers - Elizabeth Nourse Research Collection 
 Dates:  1854-2004 
 Subjects:  Elizabeth Nourse 
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20Institution:  Cincinnati Art Museum ArchivesRequires cookie*
 Title:  Ida B. Carmichael (1884-1981) Papers 
 Dates:  Bulk, 1920-1960 
 Subjects:  Cincinnati Public Schools. | Woman's Art Club. | Abstract (fine arts style) | Ceramic (material) | Oil painting (technique) | Teaching 
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