Calvin Pease Papers

Descriptive Summary
Biography of Calvin Pease
Scope and Content
Statement of Arrangement
Indexing Terms
Administrative Information
Detailed Description of The Collection
Series I: Correspondence
Series II: Personal Papers
Sub-series A: Land Records
Sub-series B: Tax Records
Sub-series C: Turnpike and Bank Shares
Sub-series D: Bank Notes
Sub-series E: Financial
Series III: Business Papers
Sub-series A: Financial Transactions in Which Pease Served as Agent
Sub-series B: Pease's Service as Clerk of Courts
Sub-series C: Pease's Service as Agent for the Postmaster-General
Sub-series D: Contracts and Deeds
Sub-series E: Field Notes and Other Land Records
Series IV: Court Records
Sub-series A: Court Dockets
Sub-series B: Supreme Court Documents
Sub-series C: Abstracts of Cases
Sub-series D: Summonses and Notices
Sub-series E: Testimony
Sub-series F: Evidence
Sub-series G: Summaries of Cases
Sub-series H: Specific Cases
Series V: Ohio-Pennsylvania Canal Convention
Series VI: Miscellaneous