Statement of Arrangement

The collection is arranged in four series. Each series is divided into sub-series which are generally arranged in chronological order. Whenever possible, the files in each sub-series, which were arranged alphabetically by subject, have been restored to their original order.
Series I: Paul W. Walter is arranged in six sub-series.
Sub Series A: Social Work
Sub-series B: Personal Political Campaigns
Sub-series C: Minor Public Activity
Sub-series D: Patronage File
Sub-series E: General Politics File
Sub-series F: Miscellaneous
Series II: Harold H. Burton is arranged in two series.
Sub-series A: Campaign for Mayor of Cleveland
Sub-series B: Campaign for United States Senator
Series III: Robert A. Taft is arranged in eight sub-series.
Sub-series A: 1938 United States Senatorial Campaign
Sub-series B: 1940 Presidential Campaign
Sub-series C: 1944 United States Senatorial Campaign
Sub-series D: 1948 Presidential Campaign
Sub-series E: 1950 United States Senatorial Campaign
Sub-series F: 1952 Presidential Campaign
Sub-series G: 1953 Political Activity
Sub-series H: Miscellaneous
Series IV: Scrapbooks and Photographs is arranged in two sub-series.
Sub-series A: Photographs
Sub-series B: Scrapbooks