Biography of William Sheldon Kerruish

William Sheldon Kerruish (1831-1927), a prominent attorney in Cleveland, Ohio, was born in Warrensville, Ohio, to William and Jane (Kelly) Kerruish, who had emigrated from the Isle of Man. Kerruish attended Western Reserve University and Yale University, graduating from Yale in 1855. He then taught languages at the Twinsburgh (Ohio) Institute and studied law as a clerk with the law firm of Ranney, Backus and Noble. In 1858 Kerruish was admitted to the bar, subsequently joined a number of law firms in Cleveland, and was a charter member of the Cleveland Bar Association.

In 1859 Kerruish married Margaret Quayle, an immigrant from the Isle of Man. Their son, Sheldon Quayle Kerruish (1861-1938), attended and graduated from Yale College, studied law, and joined the law firm of William Kerruish. Their daughter, Miriam Gertrude Kerruish, graduated from the medical department of Wooster College in 1895, and in 1903 married Charles Willard Stage (1871-1946), an attorney in Cleveland. Stage attracted the attention of local Democrats, particularly Mayor Tom L. Johnson, and won election to the Ohio House of Representatives for the 1902-1903 session. In 1938 Charles Stage inherited 70 acres of Kerruish property on McCracken and Lee Roads (originally purchased by William Kerruish, Sr. in 1839), which he subsequently donated to the city of Cleveland for a park and playground named Kerruish Park.