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HOMING. Del Riego, Teresa (m). Salmon, Arthur (l). Chappell & Co. Ltd.
HONEY COME BACK. Webb, Jimmy (m & l). Jobete Music Company, Inc.
HOOSIER SWEETHEART. Goodwin, J., Ash, P., and Baskette, B. (m & l). Milton Weil Music Co.
HOTEL CALIFORNIA. Henley, D., Frey, G., and Felder, D. (m & l). Warner Bros. Publications.
HOW CAN I TELL YOU I LOVE YOU. Mobley, Henry (m & l). Henry E. Mobley.
I CAN HELP. Swan, Billy (m & l). Combine Music Corporation.
I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT YOU'RE IN LOVE WITH ME. Gaskill, Clarence and McHugh, Jimmy (m & l). Mills Music, Inc.
I DON'T KNOW HOW TO LOVE HIM. Webber, Andrew (m). Rice, Tim (l). Leeds Music Limited.
I FEEL PRETTY. Bernstein, Leonard (m). Sondheim, Stephen (l). G. Schirmer, Inc and Chappell & Co.
I LOVE PARIS. Porter, Cole (m & l). Buxton Hill Music Corporation.
I NEVER KNEW (I Could Love Anybody Like I'm Loving You). Pitts, T., Egan, R., and Marsh, R. (m & l). Renand, Z. (fre). Leo Feist Inc.
I WISH YOU LOVE (Que Reste-T-il De Nos Amours?). Trenet, Charles (m & fre) Beach, Albert (eng). Leeds Music Corporation.
I WONDER WHAT'S BECOME OF SALLY? Ager, Milton (m). Yellen, Jack (l). Ager, Yellen & Bornstein Inc.
I WONDER WHY (I Love You). Braham, Edmund (m). Clifton, Jack (l). Frances Clifford Music Co.
I WON'T LAST A DAY WITHOUT YOU. Nichols, Roger (m). Williams, Paul (l). Almo Music Corp.
IDA SWEET AS APPLE CIDER. Leonard, Eddie and Munson, Eddie (m & l). Sugarman, L. (arr). Edward B. Marks Music Corporation.
IF. Gates, David (m & l). Colgems-Emi Music, Inc.
IF I LOVED YOU. Rodgers, Richard (m). Hammerstein II, Oscar (l). Williamson Music, Inc.
IF MY FRIENDS COULD SEE ME NOW! Coleman, Cy (m). Fields, Dorothy (l). Notable Music Co., Inc.
IF WINTER COMES (Summer will come again). Tennent, H.M. (m). Arkell, Reginald (l). Chappell-Harms, Inc.
IF YOU ARE BUT A DREAM. Jaffe, M., Fulton, J., and Bonx, N. (m & l). Barton Music Corp.
IF YOU BELIEVE. Berlin, Irving (m & l). Irving Berlin.
IF MOTHERS COULD LIVE ON FOREVER. Tobias, H., Johnson, H., and Tobias, H. (m & l). Amsco Music SalesCo.
I'LL HAVE TO SAY I LOVE YOU IN A SONG. Croce, Jim (m & l). Blendingwell Music, Inc.
I'M ALWAYS CHASING RAINBOWS. Carroll, Harry (m). McCarthy, Joseph (l). Miller Music Corporation.
I'M ONLY DREAMING. Friml, Rudolf (m). Hauerbach, Otto and Clark, Edward (l). G. Schirmer, Inc.
I'M WAITING FOR SHIPS THAT NEVER COME IN. Olman, Abe (m). Yellen, Jack (l). Forster Music Pub.
THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM (The Quest). Leigh, Mitch (m). Darion, Joe (l). Sam Fox Publishing Company, Inc.
IN THE EVENING BY THE MOONLIGHT. Bland, James (m & l). Rolfe, Walter (rev & arr). Century Music Publishing Co.
IN THE LITTLE RED SCHOOL HOUSE. Wilson, Al and Brennan, Jas (m & l). Edward B. Marks Music Corporation.
INDIAN SUMMER. Cadman, Charles W. and Eberhart, Nelle R. (m & l). Oliver Ditson Company.
IT LOOKS LIKE RAIN IN CHERRY BLOSSOM LANE. Leslie, Edgar and Burke, Joe (m & l). Joe Morris Music Co.
IT'S A BIG WIDE WONDERFUL WORLD. Rox, John (m & l). Gower Music, Inc.
IT'S A BLUE WORLD. Wright, Bob and Forrest, Chet (m & l). A B C Music Corporation
IT'S ALL RIGHT WITH ME. Porter, Cole (m & l). Buxton Hill Music Corporation.
IT'S EASTER TIME. Willson, Meredith (m & l). Plymouth Music Co.
IT'S IMPOSSIBLE (Somos Novios). Manzanero, A. (m). Wayne, Sid (l). Sunbury Music, Inc.
I'VE GOTTA BE ME. Marks, Walter (m & l). Damila Music, Inc.
JA-DA. Carleton, Bob (m). Wynn, Nan and Lane, Ken (l and arr). Leo Feist, Inc.
THE JAYHAWK SONG. Naramore, Arch (m & l). R.L. Huntzinger, Inc.
JINGLE BELLS. Thomas Music Co.
JUST AS THOUGH YOU WERE HERE. Brooks, John (m). Lange, Edgar (l). Yankee Music Publishing Corporation.
JUST FOR A WHILE. Walter, Serge (m). Brooks, Jack (l). Oxford Music Corporation.
KASHMIRI SONG. Woodforde-Finden, Amy (m). Hope, Laurence (l). Boosey & Co.
KEEP THE STARS SHINING BRIGHT IN OLD GLORY. Early, Margaret and Walters, Mary (m & l). Margaret Holt Early.
KOOKIE, KOOKIE (Lend Me Your Comb). Taylor, Irving (m & l). Witmark & Sons.
LET MY SONG FILL YOUR HEART. Charles, Ernest (m & l). G. Schirmer, Inc.
LIDA ROSE. Willson, Meredith (m & l). Frank Music Corp.
A LITTLE LOVE SONG. Kennard, Alice (m & l). G. Schirmer, Inc.
LITTLE TOWN IN THE OULD COUNTY DOWN. Carlo, Monte and Sanders, Alma (m). Pascoe, Richard (l).
LITTLE MOTHER. Rapee, Erno and Pollack, Lew (m & l). Miller Music Corporation.
LOCH LOMOND. Thornhill, Claude (adapt.). Robbins Music Corporation
LONGING, DEAR, FOR YOU. Densmore, John (m & l). Oliver Ditson Company.
LOVE DON'T CARE (Where It Grows). Saussy, Tupper (m & l). Milene Music, Inc.
LOVE IS BLUE (L'Amour Est Bleu). Popp, Andre (m). Cour, Pierre, (fre). Blackburn, Bryan (eng). Kresa, Helmy (arr). Croma Music Co., Inc.
LOVE-LAND. Friml, Rudolf (m). Harbach, Otto and Clark, Edward (l). G. Schirmer, Inc.
LOVE'S SECRET. Schirmer, Rudolph and Blake, William (m & l). G. Schirmer, Inc.
LOVE'S SUPREMACY (Beloved). Guion, David and Harrington, W. (m & l). G. Schirmer, Inc.
THE LOYAL MINER. Federer, Ralph (m). Jenkins, Charles (l). Charles E. Jenkins.
LUCK O' THE ROAD. Sacco, John (m). Barnett, A (l). G. Schirmer, Inc.
THE MAGIC FLAME. Spaeth, Sigmund (adapt. & l). Toselli (based on). The Boston Music Co.
MANDY. Berlin, Irving (m & l). Irving Berlin, Inc.
MANHATTAN SERENADE. Alter, Louis (m). Adamson, Harold (l). Robbins Music Corporation.
MARCHETA. Schertzinger, Victor (m & l). The John Franklin Music Co.
MARIA. Rodgers, Richard (m). Hammerstein II, Oscar (l). Williamson Music, Inc.
MARTHA. Flotow, Friedrich (m). Boswell, Connie (adapt). Leo Feist Inc.
MARY'S A GRAND OLD NAME. Cohan, George (m & l). George M. Cohan Music Publishing Co., Inc.
MAURICE (The Gendarme). Browne, B., Crumit, F., and Rich, M., (m & l). Frank Crumit's Song Company.
MAYBE IT'S BECAUSE. Scott, Johnnie (m). Ruby, Harry (l). Bregman, Vocco & Conn, Inc.
MEMORY LANE. Spier, Larry and Conrad, Con (m). De Sylva, B. (l). Harms, Inc.
MEMORY OF YOU. Speaks, Oley and Gannon, Marie (m & l). G. Schirmer.
THE MEN IN MY LITTLE GIRL'S LIFE. Shayne, Gloria (m). Deane, E. and Candy, M. (l). Jewel Music Publishing Co., Inc.
MERRY CHRISTMAS WALTZ. Mosel, I. (m). Tobias, Charles (l). Advanced Music Corporation.
MISSION BELL. Michael, William (m & l). Bamboo Music, Inc.
MOODY RIVER. Bruce, Gary (m & l). Keva Music, Inc.
MOONLIGHT BECOMES YOU. Van Heusen, Jimmy (m). Burke, Johnny (l). Famous Music Corporation.
MOONLIGHT MASQUERADE. Camarata, Toots (m). Lawrence, Jack (l). T.B. Harms Co.
MORE (Theme from Mondo Cane). Ortolani, R. and Oliviero, N. (m). Newell, N. (eng). Ciorciolini, M. (Ita).
MOTHER'S DAY SONG. Templeton, Alec, (m). Fleeson, Neville (l). Leo Feist, Inc.
MUSIC, MAESTRO, PLEASE! Wrubel, Allie (m). Magidson, Herb (l). Irving Berlin Inc.
MY BABY JUST CARES FOR ME. Donaldson, Walter (m). Kahn, Gus (l). Donaldson, Douglas & Gumble Inc.
MY COUNTRY. O'Hara, Geoffrey (m). Johnstone, Gordon (poem). Harold Flammer, Inc.
MY FRIEND. Drake, Ervin and Shirl, Jimmy (m & l). George Paxton, Inc.
MY HEART IS YOURS. Friml, Rudolf (m). Leigh, Rowland and Shubert, John (l). G. Schirmer Inc.
MY HERO. Straus, Oscar (m). Stange, Stanislaus (l). M. Witmark & Sons.
MY LITTLE NEST OF HEAVENLY BLUE (Frasquita Serenade). Lehar, Franz (m). Spaeth, S (eng). Willner, A. and Reichert, H. (ger). Edward B. Marks Music Corporation.
MY MOTHER'S PEARLS. Lippman, Sid (m). Dee, Sylvia (l). Miller Music Corporation.
MY MOTHER'S WALTZ. Franklin, Dave (m & l). Edwin H. Morris & Company, Inc.
MY! MY! McHugh, Jimmy (m). Loesser, Frank (l). Famous Music Corporation.
MY ONE AND ONLY HIGHLAND FLING. Warren, Harry (m). Gershwin, Ira (l). Harry Warren Music, Inc.
MY SHINING HOUR. Arlen, Harold (m). Mercer, Johnny (l). Edwin H. Morris & Company Inc.
MY SHRINE (Wedding Song). Edwards, Clara (m & l). G. Schirmer, Inc.
MY TASK. Ashford, E. (m). Ray, M. and Pickup, S. (l). Lorenz Publishing Co.
MY WAY. Revaux, J. and Francois, C. (m). Anka, Paul (l). Spanka Music Corporation.
THE NIGHTINGALE. Alabieff, Alexander (m & l). Kurenko, Maria (arr). G. Schirmer, Inc.
THE NINETY AND NINE. Campion, Edward (m). Clephane, Elizabeth (poem). G. Schirmer, Inc.
NOBODY'S SWEETHEART. Kahn, G., Erdman, E., Meyers, B., and Schoebel, E. (m & l). Mills Music Inc.
NOT THIS ALONE. Moore, Douglas and Underwood, Pierson (m & l). G. Schirmer, Inc.
NOTRE DAME VICTORY MARCH. Shea, Michael (m). Shea, John (l). The University of Notre Dame.
NOW IS THE HOUR (Maori Farewell Song). Kaihan, M., Scott, C., and Stewart, D. (m & l). Leeds Music Corporation.
NOW SLEEPS THE CRIMSON PETAL. Quilter, Roger (m). Tennyson (l). Boosey & Co.
NOW TO BE STILL AND REST. Symons, Bernard (m). Lyon, Hugh (l). G. Schirmer, Inc.
O DRY THOSE TEARS! Del Riego, Teresa (m & l). Chappell & Co.
O PERFECT LOVE (Wedding Song). Burleigh, H. (m). Blomfield, D. (l). Theodore Presser Co.
ODE TO BILLY JOE. Gentry, Bobbie (m & l). Larry Shayne Music Inc.
OH PROMISE ME. DeKoven, R. (m). Scott, C. (l). G. Schirmer.
ONE MORE MOUNTAIN (One More River). Vance, Paul and Snyder, Eddie (m & l). Roncom Music Co.
ONE SUNDAY AFTERNOON. Blane, Ralph (m & l). Remick Music Corporation.
OPEN UP YOUR HEART (And Let The Sunshine In). Hamblen, Stuart (m & l). Hamblen Music Co., Inc.
PARADISE VALLEY. Kenny, N., Kenny, C., Wayne., B. and Raleigh, B. (m & l). Atlas Music Corp.
PENNSYLVANIA POLKA. Lee, Lester and Manners, Zeke (m & l). Shapiro, Bernstein & Co., Inc.
PEOPLE. Styne, Jule (m). Merrill, Bob (l). Chappell-Styne, Inc.
THE PINK PANTHER. Mancini, Henry. Northridge Music Inc.
PRAISE THE LORD AND PASS THE AMMUNITION. Loesser, Frank (m & l). Famous Music Corporation.
PRAY FOR THE LIGHTS TO GO OUT. Skidmore, Will (m). Tunnah, Renton (l). Edward B. Marks Music Corporation.
PULL THE LEVER POLKA. Rice, Marie (m). Rice, Marie and Stivers, Edward (l). Wilbee Music Co.
RED ROSES FOR A BLUE LADY. Tepper, Sid and Bennett, Roy (m & l). Mills Music, Inc.
RELEASE. Raymond, Gene (m & l). G. Schirmer, Inc.
THE RICE SONG. Ross, Lanny (adapt). G. Schirmer, Inc.
ROCK'D IN THE CRADLE OF THE DEEP. Knight, J. Century Music Publishing Company.
SAN FRANCISCO. Kaper, Bronislaw and Jurmann, Walter (m). Kahn, Gus (l). Robbins Music Corporation
SAY IT (Over And Over Again). McHugh, Jimmy (m). Loesser, Frank (l). Famous Music Corporation.
SEPTEMBER IN THE RAIN. Warren, Harry (m). Dubin, Al (l). Remick Music Corp.
SEPTEMBER SONG. Weill, Kurt (m). Anderson, Maxwell (l). DeSylva, Brown & Henderson Inc.
SERENADE (Rimpianto). Toselli, Enrico (m). Silvestri, Alfredo (l). Spaeth, Sigmund (trans). The Boston Music Company.
THE SHADE OF THE PALM. Stuart, Leslie (m). Francis, Day & Hunter.
THE SHADOW OF YOUR SMILE. Mandel, Johnny (m). Webster, Paul (l). Miller Music Corporation.
SILVER BELLS. Livingston, Jay and Evans, Ray (m & l). Paramount Music Corporation.
SILVER WINGS IN THE MOONLIGHT. Charles, H., Towers, L., and Miller, S. (m & l). Miller Music Corporation.
THE SINGING HILLS. David, M., Sanford, D., and Mysels, S. (m & l). Santly-Joy-Select, Inc.
THE SLEEP THAT FLITS ON BABY'S EYES. Carpenter, John and Tagore, Rabindranath (m & l). G. Schirmer, Inc.
SMOKE ON THE WATER. Nunn, Earl and Clements, Zeke (m & l). Adams, Vee & Abbott, Inc.
SOME SUNDAY MORNING. Jerome, M. and Heindorf, R. (m & l). Harms Inc.
SOMEBODY'S WALKIN' IN MY DREAMS. McHugh, Jimmy (m). Adamson, Harold (l). Robbins Music Corporation.
SONG OF THE I. P. T. A. Whitford, Robert (m & l). Robert H. Whiteford.
SOROPTIMIST PLEDGE. Dunlap, Dorothy (m). Soroptimist Federation of the Americas.
SPANISH HARLEM. Leiber, Jerry and Spector, Phil (m & l). Hill and Range Songs, Inc.
STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN. Page, Jimmy and Plant, Robert (m & l). Superhype Publishing.
STAY AS SWEET AS YOU ARE. Gordon, Mack and Revel, Harry (m & l). DeSylva, Brown & Henderson, Inc.
STEPPIN' OUT WITH MY BABY. Berlin, Irving (m & l). Irving Berlin.
STRIKE UP THE BAND! Gershwin, George (m). Gershwin, Ira (l). New World Music Corporation.
THE SUMMER KNOWS. Legrand, Michel (m). Bergman, Marilyn and Alan (l). WB Music Corp.
SURF CITY. Wilson, Brian and Berry, Jan (m & l). Screen Gems-Columbia Music, Inc.
SWEET AND LOVELY. Arnheim, G., Tobias, H., and LeMare, J. (m & l). Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Corp.
SWEET SONG OF LONG AGO. Charles, Ernest (m & l). G. Schirmer, Inc.
THAT OLD BLACK MAGIC. Arlen, Harold (m). Mercer, Johnny (l). Famous Music Corporation.
THEME FROM LOVE STORY. Lai, Francis. Mancini, H. (arr). Famous Music Corporation.
THEME FROM NEW YORK, NEW YORK. Kander, John (m). Ebb, Fred (l). United Artists Corporation.
THERE IS A LADYE. Bury, Winifred (m). Ford, Thomas (l). Paterson's Publications, Ltd.
THERE'S A STAR SPANGLED BANNER WAVING SOMEWHERE. Roberts, Paul and Darnell, Shelby (m & l). Bob Miller, Inc.
THOSE SONGS MY MOTHER USED TO SING. Smith, Wakefield H. (m & l). M. Witmark & Sons.
THIS GUY'S IN LOVE WITH YOU. Bacharach, Burt (m). David, Hal (l). Blue Seas Music, Inc.
THOSE WERE THE DAYS. Raskin, Gene (m & l). Essex Music, Inc.
THOSE WERE THE DAYS. Strouse, Charles (m). Adams, Lee (l). New Tandem Music Co.
THROUGH THE YEARS. Youmans, Vincent (m). Heyman, Edward (l). Miller Music Corporation.
TIE A YELLOW RIBBON ROUND THE OLE OAK TREE. Levine, Irwin and Brown, L. Russell (m & l). Levine and Brown Music, Inc.
'TIL REVEILLE. Cowan, Stanley and Worth, Bobby (m & l). Melody Lane Publications, Inc.
TILL THERE WAS YOU. Willson, Meredith (m & l). Frank Music Corp.
A TIME FOR US. Rota, Nino (m). Kusik, Larry and Snyder, Eddie (l). Famous Music Corporation.
TIP-TOE THRU THE TULIPS WITH ME. Burke, Joe (m). Dubin, Al. (l). M. Witmark & Sons.
'TIS THE END, SO FAREWELL! Friml, Rudolf (m). Hauerbach, Otto (l). G. Schirmer, Inc.
TO THE LAND OF MY OWN ROMANCE. Herbert, Victor (m). Smith, Harry B. (l). M. Witmark & Sons.
TOM DOOLEY. Guard, Dave (arr). Beechwood Music Corp.
TRADE WINDS. Keel, Frederick (m). Masefield, John (l). Boosey & Hawkes.
TREES. Rasbach, Oscar (m). Kilmer, Joyce (l). G. Schirmer, Inc.
TRISTESSE ETERNELLE. Jackowska, Suzanne (m & l). Edward B. Marks Music Corporation.
TUBULAR BELLS (Theme from "The Exorcist"). Oldfield, Mike (m). Virgin Music.
TWILIGHT TIME. Ram, B., Nevins, M., Nevins, A and Dunn, A. (m & l). Campbell-Porgie Inc.
UNCHAINED MELODY. North, Alex (m). Zaret, Hy (l). Frank Music Corp.
UNTIL. Sanderson, Wilfrid (m). Teschemacher, E. (l). Boosey & Co.
THE VAGABOND KING WALTZ (Waltz Huguette). Friml, Rudolf (m). Hooker, Brian (l). Henry Waterson, Inc.
VILLIA. Lehar, Franz (m). Ross, Adrian (l). Rolfe, Walter (arr). Century Music Publishing Co.
A VOICE WITH A SMILE. Hoff, Fred (m). Breau-Tobias (l). Bee Tee Pub. Co.
VOICES IN THE FOREST. Ware, Harriet (m & l). G. Schirmer, Inc.
WAITING. Lawrence, H., Milton, J., and Ravazza, C. (m & l). Broadcast Music Inc.
WASHINGTON AND LEE SWING. Robbins, C., Allen, T. and Sheafe, M. (m & l). Robbins Music Corporation.
WE ARE THE WORLD. Jackson, Michael and Richie, Lionel (m & l). Mijac Music& Brockman Music.
WHAT CAN I ASK MORE OF LIFE? Malotte, Albert and Lee, Rowland (m & l). G. Schirmer, Inc.
WHAT DID I HAVE THAT I DON'T HAVE? Lane, Burton (m). Lerner, Alan (l). Chappell and Co., Inc.
WHAT KIND OF FOOL AM I? Bricusse, Leslie and Newley, Anthony (m & l). Essex Music Ltd.
WHEELS. Petty, Norman (m). Flamingo, Johnny (l). Dundee Music.
WHEN SHE GIVES HIM A SHAMROCK BLOOM! Friml, Rudolf (m). Hauerbach, Otto (l). G. Schirmer, Inc.
WHEN THE RHODODENDRON BLOOMS. Clark, Luther (m). Johnson, Virgina (l). Virginia DeVaughn Johnson.
WHEN YOUR HAIR HAS TURNED TO SILVER. De Rose, Peter (m). Tobias, Charlie (l). Edwin H. Morris & Company, Inc.
WHERE OR WHEN. Rodgers, Richard (m). Hart, Lorenz (l). Chappell & Co., Inc.
WHERE THE MOUNTAINS MEET THE SKY (I'm Headin' For The Blue Horizon). Williams, Aston (m, & l). Republic Music Corp.
WHO CAN I TURN TO (When Nobody Needs Me). Bricusse, Leslie and Newley, Anthony (m & l). Musical Comedy Productions.
WHY DO I LOVE YOU? Kern, Jerome (m). Hammerstein II, Oscar (l). T. B. Harms Company.
WIDMUNG (Dedication). Franz, Robert. (m & l). Spicker, Max (ed). G. Schirmer, Inc.
WINTER WONDERLAND. Bernard, Felix (m). Smith, Dick (l). Bregman, Vocco and Conn, Inc.
WITHOUT HIM. LeFevre, Mylon (m & l). Jimmie Davis Music Co., Inc.
WOULD YOU. Brown, Nacio (m). Freed, Arthur (l). Robbins Music Corporation.
YOU DO SOMETHING TO ME. Porter, Cole (m & l). Harms, Inc.
YOU TELL ME YOUR DREAM (I'll Tell You Mine). Kahn, Gus and Daniels, Chas (m & l). Villa Moret, Inc.
YOUR MOTHER AND MINE. Edwards, Gus (m). Goodwin, Joe (l). Robbins Music Corporation.
YOU'RE A GRAND OLD FLAG. Cohan, George (m & l). Jerry Vogel Music Co.
YOU'RE A MILLION MILES FROM NOWHERE (When You're One Little Mile From Home). Donaldson, Walter (m). Lewis, Sam and Young, Joe (l). Waterson, Berlin & Snyder Co.
YOU'RE NOBODY 'TIL SOMEBODY LOVES YOU. Morgan, R., Stock, L. and Cavanaugh, J. (m & l). Southern Music Publishing Co.
ZIGEUNER (Zigana). Coward, Noel (m & eng). Camacho, Johnnie (spa). Harms Incorporated.