Jocelyn Chang and Michael Leese Music Collection

Descriptive Summary
Biography of Jocelyn Chang and Michael Leese
Scope and Content
Statement of Arrangement
Indexing Terms
Administrative Information
Detailed Description of The Collection
CHL01: Performance Series Archive Ephemera, Volumes 1-3
CHL02: Performance Series Archive Ephemera, Volumes 3-6
CHL03: Concert Flyers & Programs, Performance Archives Series
CHL04: Chang-Leese Assorted Flyers and Performance Ephemera
CHL05: Chang-Leese Promotional Materials and Daily Planners
CHL06: Chang-Leese Papers, Music, and Ephemera
CHL07: Michael Leese - Correspondence and Papers
CHL08: Michael Leese - Notebooks & Correspondence
CHL09: Michael Leese Sheet Music and Scores
CHL10: Michael Leese - Assorted Papers and Scores
CHL11: Jocelyn Chang Trio, Cleveland Chamber Symphony, Assorted Sheet Music
CHL12: Chang-Leese Documents & Concert Flyers
CHL13: Photographs and Slides
CHL14: Jocelyn Chang - Correspondence
CHL15: Jocelyn Chang - Personal Papers and Documents
CHL16: Jocelyn Chang - Assorted Documents and Personal Papers
CHL17: Jocelyn Chang - Papers, Notes, Ephemera
CHL18: Jocelyn Chang - Notebooks, Teaching Materials, and Sheet Music
CHL19: Jocelyn Chang - Harp Music
CHL20: Jocelyn Chang - Sheet Music & Gig Notes
CHL21: Harp Music
CHL22: Jocelyn Chang - Sheet Music and Papers
CHL23: Chinese Music and Cultural Ephemera
CHL24: Chinese Records
CHL25: Assorted Ephemera
CHL26 : CDs of Performances and Assorted Music
CHL27: Recordings of Performances, Assorted Formats
CHL28: VHS Tapes, Reel-To-Reel Recordings of Performances and Music
CHL29: VHS Tapes of Performances
CHL30: VHS Tapes of Performances
CHL31: VHS Tapes of Performances
CHL32: Cassette Tapes of Performances
CHL33: Cassette Tapes & Reel to Reel Tapes of Performances
CHL34: Michael Leese Sheet Music and Scores (Oversized)
CHL35: Oversized Sheet Music - Assorted Composers
CHL36: Oversized Sheet Music & Ephemera - Assorted Composers
CHL37: Oversized Black and White Photographs, Michael Leese's Diploma,
CHL38: Oversized Artwork & Posters
CHL39: Oversized Articles and Clippings