Darius Milhaud Society Collection

Descriptive Summary
History of The Darius Milhaud Society
Scope and Content
Statement of Arrangement
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Detailed Description of The Collection
Glossy photos of Darius Milhaud throughout life. Most black & white, 8x10.
Glossy photos of Madeleine Milhaud, Darius & Madeleine, Assorted groups with Milhaud, & Artwork of Darius Milhaud & program art.
Undated events including Darius Milhaud, Madeleine Milhaud, and/or Darius Milhaud Society, plus miscellaneous photos, seemingly regarding DMS and/or Katharine Warne.
Dated photos of Darius Milhaud & photos of Darius Milhaud Society event
Photos of Darius Milhaud Society related events
Photos of Darius Milhaud Society related events
Photo negatives, mostly from photos in DMS 01-06. Some unprinted.
Darius Milhaud Concert performance programs (1957-2014), event calendars, newspaper clippings and articles about Milhaud, various list of Darius Milhaud recordings and performances, including the list of recordings in the Ralph Swickard Record Collection, interview and autobiographical material related to Madeleine Milhaud.
Darius Milhaud Society organizational papers and correspondence
Material is in process
Organizational agendas for Darius Milhaud concerts, Cleveland Choral Premires Papers for Darius Milhaud concerts, Mills College activities related to their Darius Milhaud Collection
Materials related to the book by Madeleine Milhaud, "My Twentieth Century" including unassembled octavo printed sheets, book cover art, photographs, posters
Audio recordings, including "Creation of the World", "Protee", "Janus Duo", "Portraits". Formats include cassette tape and audio CD
outdoor banner for Darius Milhaud Centennial Celebration. 30x98 inches. Black & White.
Additional audio visual material (recordings, concerts, etc.) in VHS, DVD, cassette, and audio CD
Additional audio visual material (Cleveland Institute of Music recordings on audio CD and DVD)
Duplicate copies of the Darius Milhaud Society Newsletters
Newsletters and brochures
Extra copies of music scores