Maurice Vloberg papers

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Detailed Description of The Collection
Series 1, Bibliographies and Inventories: Bibliographies on topics including Life of Our Lady, Miracles of Notre Dame, Literature of Medieval Times, and other Marian subjects, and three folders of inventories of Marian art in France.
Series 2, Mary in Byzantine Culture: Predominately article and newspaper clippings, but also research, writing, and bibliographies on Mary in Byzantine culture.
Series 3, The Death and Assumption of the Virgin: Primarily article and newspaper clippings and images, but also handwritten notes, research, writing on the Dormition, Crowning, and Assumption.
Series 4, Various Marian Iconography: Primarily unpublished manuscripts, article and newspaper clippings, images, handwritten notes, and research. Topics include iconography of the rosary, Pardons of Brittany, Mary and St. Luke, the Renaissance, Marian engravings, education and marriage of the Virgin, the cult of the Virgin in France, and the Virgin in popular imagery, the life of the Virgin, Visitation, Annunciation, apparitions, Mother and child, the Immaculate Conception (in English) among others.
Series 5, Research Materials: Clippings of articles and newspapers, unpublished manuscripts, handwritten notes, and images. This series also deals primarily with Marian iconography, although other subjects are covered as well.
Series 6, Images: Photographs, image clippings, and some illustrations primarily relating to Marian iconography.