Dayton Playhouse Collection

Descriptive Summary
History of Dayton Playhouse
Scope and Content
Statement of Arrangement
Subject Terms
Administrative Information
Detailed Description of The Collection
Series I: Dayton Community Theatre
Subseries IA: Shows
Subseries IB: Administrative Records
Subseries IC: Special Events
Subseries ID: Correspondence
Subseries IE: Publicity
Subseries IF: Financial
Series 2: Dayton Repertory Theatre
Subseries IIA: Shows
Subseries IIB: Administrative Records
Subseries IIC: Correspondence
Subseries IID: Committees
Subseries IIE: Financial
Subseries IIF: Publicity
Series III: Dayton Children's, Teen, YouTheatre, and other theatres
Subseries IIIA: Dayton Children's Theatre
Subseries IIIB: Dayton Teen Theatre
Subseries IIIC: Dayton YouTheatre
Subseries IIID: Dance Theatre Dayton
Subseries IIIE: Other Theatre Organizations
Series IV: Dayton Playhouse, Inc
Subseries IV.A: Shows
Subseries IV.B: Administrative Records
Subseries IV.C: Financial
Subseries IV.D: Special Events
Subseries IV.E: Educational
Subseries IV.F: Committees
Subseries IV.G: Publicity
Series V: Photographs, Slides, & Negatives
Subseries V.A: Dayton Community Theatre
Subseries V.B: Dayton Playhouse, Inc.
Subseries V.C: Unidentified Photographs
Subseries V.D: Negatives
Subseries V.E: Slides
Subseries V.F: Dayton Repertory Theatre
Subseries V.G: Children's, Teen, YouTheatre, et al.
Series VI: Video & Film
Series VII: Scrapbooks, Posters, & Oversize Photographs