Dr. Malcolm L. Ritchie Collection

Descriptive Summary
Biography of Dr. Malcolm L. Ritchie
Scope and Content
Statement of Arrangement
Subject Terms
Administrative Information
Other Finding Aid
Detailed Description of The Collection
Series I: Personal
Sub-Series IA: General Information
Sub-Series IB: School
Sub-Series IC: Religion/Divinity
Sub-Series ID: Military
Sub-Series IE: Awards
Sub-Series IF: Miscellaneous Personal Items
Series II: Genealogy
Sub-Series IIA: Family Names
Sub-Series IIB: Genealogy Reference
Series III: Family Photographs
Series IV: Family Slides
Series V: Correspondence
Series VI: Job Applications
Series VII: Ritchie Inc.
Series VIII: Ritchie Inc Research/Reference
Series IX: Malcolm Ritchie Writings and Publications
Series X: Ritchie Inc Publications and Reports
Series XI: Reports
Subseries XIA: Aerospace Medical Research Laboratories [AMRL]
Subseries XIB: USAF School of Aerospace Medicine Aerospace Medical Division (AFSC)
Subseries XIC: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
Subseries XID: Wright Air Development Center (WADC)
Subseries XIE: Other (Alphabetical by list number)
Series XII: Journal, Articles, Miscellaneous Papers
Series XIII: Reference
Series XIV: Microfilm and Slides
Subseries XIVA: Microfilm
Subseries XIVB: Slides