History of Chamber Music Yellow Springs Records

Yellow Springs, Ohio, has been host to a volunteer chamber music association since 1957, with the exception of a period from the mid-1960s and the 1970s. Chamber Music in Yellow Springs, the predecessor of Chamber Music Yellow Springs (CMYS), was created in 1957. The group was founded in response to Yellow Springs-based Antioch University's decision to discontinue its music programs in that year. Residents of Yellow Springs decided to continue the tradition of local performances of fine classical music and held their first concert at Mill's Lawn School. Concert seasons continued every year until 1962, when Antioch University restarted their concert series. The competition from the university caused Chamber Music in Yellow Springs to discontinue their concerts until 1982, when the university again withdrew support of its own series. It was at this time that the decision was again made by Yellow Springs residents to continue their tradition of chamber music performances with the refounding of their volunteer organization as Chamber Music Yellow Springs. Each year since, CMYS has hosted a concert series of four performances ending with its Annual Competition for Emerging Professional Ensembles. Although they provide a venue for a number experienced and established chamber music groups each season, the core of CMYS's mission is to attract and support up-and-coming ensembles, with a special focus on local performers. The performances hosted by CMYS take place at the First Presbyterian Church, 314 Xenia Avenue (U.S. 68) in Yellow Springs. (This section contains information from the Chamber Music Yellow Springs website -