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Ellsworth, Forbush, and Boyd families papers
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Boyd, Louise F.
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Papers of the Ellsworth, Forbush, and Boyd families of Hudson, Ohio.
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Biography of Ellsworth, Forbush, and Boyd families

Elisha Ellsworth (1785-1859), son of John Ellsworth (1762-1848) and Anna Birge Ellsworth, was born in Torrington, Connecticut, and moved to Hudson, Ohio, with his parents, probably before 1820. In Hudson, Elisha worked as a customs agent. After falling into frozen Lake Erie while pursuing smugglers, Elisha had to have both of his legs amputated. Elisha married Elizabeth Oviatt (1786-1859) of Goshen, Connecticut, and together they had five children: Harriet A. (1809-1893), Augustus (1812-1892), Edgar Birge (1815-1883), Cynthia (1817-1819), and Marcus (1825-1898). Edgar Birge was the father of Hudson benefactor James W. Ellsworth (1849-1925).

Elisha's oldest son Augustus (1812-1892) was in the coal business. Augustus married Harriet Newell (1817-1899) in 1836. Harriet's father was Aaron Wilcox (1772-1827), one of the twins for whom Twinsburg, Ohio, is named. Augustus and Harriet had five children: Charles (1838-1905), Elijah (1842-1865), Edwin (1844-1845), Harriet (1853-1910), Elisha M. (1855-1929). Augustus' daughter Harriet married John Harter (1851-1910).

Elisha M. Ellsworth married Emma Bishop (1857-1930) and they had one child, Grace Emma (1881-1903). Grace Ellsworth married Elmer (Wallis) Forbush (1872-1937). Elmer Forbush was born to parents Levi and Clora Wallis. When his mother died at the age of three, he went to live with Jonathan and Elizabeth Forbush in Hudson. Grace and Elmer had two children: Scott (1904-1984) and Louise (1906-1996).

Scott Forbush attended Western Reserve Academy in 1920 and went on to get a degree in science from Case Institute of Technology in 1925 and later earned a Master of Science degree at Johns Hopkins. After graduation, he took a job with the Department of Terrestrial Magenetism, where he was stationed in Huancayo, Peru, and was responsible for measuring electric currents within the earth. His research led him to observe that a powerful electrical current encircles the globe along the magnetic equator. This research would eventually lead him to discover solar flares, which became known as a "Forbush decrease/effect." He married Clara Lundell (d. 1967) in July 1932. During World War II he was the head of the Naval Ordnance Laboratory and also served in the Office of Scientific Research and Development in Washington. In 1970, he married Julie Daves. Throughout his career, Scott was the recipient of numerous awards and honors for his scientific research. He lived for most of his life in Chevy Chase, Maryland, and then moved to Charlottesville, Virginia, where he died in 1984.

Grace and Elmer Forbush's daughter Louise married Morris "Mike" LaRue Boyd (1905-1986) in 1930. Except for their first year of marriage, Louise and Mike lived in Hudson for their entire married life. Louise attended Western Reserve Academy and later went to Oxford College for Women. She also studied at Spencerian Business College in Cleveland. She was a lifelong Hudson resident and took a personal interest in the history of Hudson. Mike was born in Missouri. He was enrolled at the University of Missouri, but eventually left to go work for Davey Tree in Kent, Ohio. In 1928, he took a job with Ohio Bell as a telephone installer where he worked for 38 years. He was active in the community and ran for township trustee in 1953, and won. After retiring from three terms as trustee, he was elected to the Ohio House of Representative, serving for three terms.

Scope and Content

The Ellsworth, Forbush, and Boyd families papers consist of correspondence, collected documents, diaries, photographs and writings of several generations of this family. The collection has been organized into five series, primarily organized by family: Ellsworth family, Harter family, Forbush family, Boyd family, and unidentified photographs.

Statement of Arrangement

The collection has been organized into five series: Series I. Ellsworth Family Subseries 1. Augustus Ellsworth Subseries 2. Elijah Ellsworth Subseries 3. Elisha Ellsworth Subseries 4. Emma Ellsworth Subseries 5. Harriet Newell Ellsworth Series II. Harter Family Series III. Forbush Family Subseries 1. Elmer Forbush Subseries 2. Jonathan Forbush Subseries 3. Scott Forbush Subseries 4. Grace Ellsworth Forbush Series IV. Boyd Family Subseries 1. Morris Boyd Subseries 2. Louise Forbush Boyd Series V. Unidentified Photographs

Restrictions on Use

The collection is open for research use.

Restrictions on Access

The collection is open for research use.

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Frontier and pioneer life--Ohio.
Scientists--United States--Correspondence.


Boyd, Louise F.
Boyd, Morris LaRue, 1905-1986.
Ellsworth, Augustus, 1812-1892.
Ellsworth, Elijah, 1842-1865.
Ellsworth, Elisha M., 1855-1929.
Ellsworth, Elisha, 1785-1859.
Ellsworth, Emma Bishop, 1857-1930.
Ellsworth, Harriet Newell, 1817-1899.
Forbush, Elmer, 1872-1937.
Forbush, Grace Ellsworth, 1881-1903.
Forbush, Scott E., 1904-1984.

Family Names:

Boyd family.
Ellsworth family.
Forbush family.
Harter family.

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[Box number], [Folder number], Ellsworth, Forbush, and Boyd families papers, Hudson Library & Historical Society

Processing Information

The collection was processed by Alexandra Coley and Polly Reynolds in 2010.

Detailed description of the Ellsworth, Forbush, and Boyd families papers

Ellsworth family, 1835-1929

Scope and Content
The Ellsworth family materials include deeds, property information, stock certificates, and photographs. Of note is a large volume that records the genealogy of the descendants of John Ellsworth of Torrington, Connecticut, compiled by Grace Ellsworth Forbush, John Ellsworth's great great granddaughter. The volume tracks the Ellsworth genealogy from the 1700s. The Ellsworth materials also include personal correspondence of Augustus, Elijah, Elisha, Emma, and Harriet Ellsworth. The diaries of Elijah and Elisha can also be found in the collection. Photographs include portraits of the Ellsworth family as well as a daguerreotype of Elizabeth Oviatt Ellsworth (found in oversize Box 4).

Box 1 / Folder 1
Deeds and property information, 1835-1931

Box 4 / Folder 1
Genealogy of the John Ellsworth family, 1892

Physical Description: 1 volume (oversize)

Box 1 / Folder 2
Miscellaneous, undated

Box 1 / Folder 3
Photographs, undated

Location: See also oversize (Box 4)

Box 1 / Folder 4
Stock certificates, 1908-1911

Elisha Ellsworth, 1827

Box 1 / Folder 5
Certification that Elisha Ellsworth is qualified to start a common school in Hudson, signed by Van R. Humphrey, February 27, 1827

Augustus Ellsworth, 1887-1919

Box 1 / Folder 5
General, 1887-1919

Elijah Ellsworth, 1864-1890

Box 1 / Folder 7
Composition book, 1860

Box 1 / Folder 8
Copy books, 1861-1865

Box 1 / Folder 6
Correspondence, 1864, 1878

Box 1 / Folder 7
Diaries, 1861-1862

Elisha M. Ellsworth, 1850-1929

Box 1 / Folder 8-12
Correspondence, 1850-1929

Quantity: 5 folders

Box 1 / Folder 13
Diaries, 1875, 1879, 1882, 1902-1907

Box 1 / Folder 14
Miscellaneous and general, undated

Box 1 / Folder 15
Report of School District no. 5, 1884-1888

Emma Bishop Ellsworth, undated

Box 1 / Folder 16
Emma Bishop Ellsworth, undated

Harriet Newell Ellsworth, 1864-1910

Box 1 / Folder 17,18
Correspondence, 1964-1910, and undated

Quantity: 2 folders

Box 1 / Folder 19
Funeral Remarks, November 10, 1897

Harter Family, 1898-1903, undated

Scope and Content
The Harter family series includes account books and personal correspondence

Box 1 / Folder 20
Miscellaneous, 1898-1903, undated

Forbush Family, 1890-1984

Scope and Content
The Forbush family series includes a Forbush family daybook. Photographs found in this series relate to Elmer Forbush's family, including the Wallis and Hawley families. The personal correspondence of both Grace, Elmer, and Elizabeth Forbush can also be found in this series as well as Jonathan Forbush's (Elmer's father) marriage certificate. The papers of Scott Forbush comprise the bulk of this series. Biographical information on Scott includes a handwritten biography by Scott, various awards, and obituary written by his wife Julie, and an audiocassette of Scott's memorial service. Most of Scott's correspondence is personal, primarily written to and from his mother Grace and his grandfather Elisha M. Ellsworth. However, many letters discuss various topics relating to his work and his different jobs, especially while he was working in Peru. Some of Scott's writings and articles on his work are included, such as an article describing Scott's thoughts on receiving the Waring Prize, a summary of his lecture on his discovery of cosmic rays, and several essays and a pamphlet written by Scott for the El Instituto Carnegie de Washington. Photographs of Scott throughout his life are also included in this series.

Box 1 / Folder 21
Forbush Family Daybook, 1910-1911, 1918, 1920

Box 1 / Folder 22
Forbush Photographs (Wallis and Hawley), undated

Location: See also oversize (Box 4)

Elmer Forbush, 1920-1950

Box 1 / Folder 23
Correspondence, 1920-1950

Jonathan Forbush, 1863

Box 1 / Folder 24
Marriage License, 1863

Scott Forbush, 1920-1983

Artifacts, undated

Photograph (framed) of horse, sent by Scott Forbush from Peru, undated

Location: Artifact collection

Photograph (framed), landscape, sent by Scott Forbush from Peru, undated

Location: Artifact collection

Medal box (empty) from Peru, undated

Location: Artifact collection

Photograph (framed) of horse, sent by Scott Forbush from Peru, undated

Location: Artifact collection

Photograph (framed), landscape, sent by Scott Forbush from Peru, undated

Location: Artifact collection

Medal box (empty) from Peru, undated

Location: Artifact collection

Box 1 / Folder 25
Biographical, undated

Location: See also oversize (Box 4)

Box 1 / Folder 26-28
Correspondence, 1920-27

Quantity: 3 Folders

Box 2 / Folder 1
Correspondence, 1928-84

Box 2 / Folder 2
Photographs, 1920-1956, undated

Location: See also oversize (Box 4)

Box 2 / Folder 3
Writings and Work, undated

Elizabeth Forbush, 1914

Box 2 / Folder 4
Correspondence, 1914

Grace Ellsworth Forbush, 1944-1957

Box 2 / Folder 5-7
Correspondence, 1944-1957

Quantity: 3 Folders

Hudson High School diploma, 1897

Location: Artifact collection

Boyd Family, 1913-1986

Scope and Content
The Boyd family series contains the family papers, biographical information, personal correspondence, and awards and certificates of Morris "Mike" Boyd. Louise Forbush Boyd's personal correspondence, primarily to her parents, is a large part of this series.

Box 2 / Folder 8
Boyd Family Papers, 1913-1936

Box 2 / Folder 9
Photographs, undated

Morris Boyd, 1930-1986

Box 2 / Folder 10
Biographical, undated

Box 2 / Folder 11
Certificates and Awards, 1966-1986

Location: See also oversize (Box 4)

Box 2 / Folder 12
Correspondence, 1932-1967

Box 2 / Folder 13
Writings, undated

Louise Forbush Boyd, 1925-1946

Box 2 / Folder 14-18
Correspondence, 1925-1927

Quantity: 4 Folders

Box 3 / Folder 1
Correspondence, 1927 and undated

Box 3 / Folder 2
Correspondence to Louise Forbush Boyd, 1920-1946

Box 3 / Folder 3
Writings, undated

Photographs, undated

Scope and Content
The Photographs series consists of unidentified photographs of various members of the Ellsworth, Forbush, and Boyd families.

Box 3 / Folder 4
Photographs (unidentified), undated