Scope and Content

This collection contains materials covering a 42 year period (1841-1883). The majority of the contents are correspondence and/or letters written to or by Archibald B. Walker. Walker was the recording secretary for the association from its organization in 1868 until his death in 1886. The correspondence deals mainly with the dispute over the location of the first public library in the Northwest Territory, activities of the association, and information regarding the formation of the association. Mr. Walker prepared biographical sketches of several Athenians that are also contained in the collection. "In Memoriam," contains a chronological account of the deaths of 23 association members. This ledger contains biographical information on most of these individuals. Also authored by Walker is the "Centennial Contribution of the Pioneer Association of Athens County," which contains various types of historical information. Included in this ledger is information concerning Athens County and the surrounding areas, historical information on other states of the Union, and information that would be pertinent to colonial and/or pioneer days in the United States. A table of contents is located in the index of the ledger; there is a copy of this table in Folder 2. Other items contained in the collection are a facsimile of the Ulster County Gazette (New York), January 4, 1800; newspaper articles concerning the first public library in the Northwest Territory, 1875-1879 (all articles from the Cincinnati Gazette); a letter regarding the first books purchased for the Ames Library (1879); and other historical/social information concerning Athens.