Alphonse Chapanis papers

Descriptive Summary
Biography of Alphonse Chapanis
Scope and Content
Statement of Arrangement
Subject Headings
Related/Separated Materials
Administrative Information
Detailed Description of The Collection
Series 1: Biographical Materials
Series 2: Correspondence
Subseries 1: Assorted professional correspondence by year
Subseries 2: Assorted professional correspondence by topic or name
Series 3: Consulting
Sub-Series 1: General Consulting
Sub-Series 2: IBM Consulting Contracts
Sub-series 3: Law Firms and Legal Cases
Sub-series 4: Maryland Association of Pilots
Sub-series 5: Miscellaneous Documents
Sub-series 6: IBM
Series 4: Written Works
Sub-series 1: Manuscripts
Sub-series 2: Reviews
Sub-series 3: Bound Volumes
Series 5: Presentations and Proposals
Sub-series 1: Presentations/Lectures
Sub-series 2: Proposals/Reports
Series 6: Academic Materials
Series 7: Professional Organizations
Series 8: Research
Sub-series 1: Communications Research Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University
Series 9: Miscellaneous Files