Biography of Saul Rosenzweig

Saul Rosenzweig was born February 7, 1907 in Boston, Massachusetts. Rosenzweig received his Artium Baccalauretus degree in Philosophy Summa Cum Laude in 1929. From 1932 until 1934 Rosenzweig was associated with the Harvard Psychological Clinic. He earned his PhD in Clinical Psychology in 1932 from Harvard University. From 1934 to 1943 Rosenzweig was a member of the staff of the Worcester State Hospital. In addition to his work at the hospital he lectured at Clark University from 1938 until 1943. In 1943 Rosenzweig joined the staff of the Western State Psychiatric Institute in Pittsburgh as Chief Psychologist and a lecturer in psychology at the University of Pittsburgh. In 1949 Rosenzweig left Pittsburgh for Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri to become chief psychologist at the Child Guidance Clinic, and associate professor of psychology in the graduate school, as well as medical psychology at the psychiatry department of the Washington University Medical School. He was an advisory editor for the Journal of Consulting Psychology from 1959-1964 as well as for the Journal of Abnormal Psychology. Rosenzweig founded and was the first president of the International Society for Research on Aggression and was also on the editorial board of that organization's journal, Aggressive Behavior. He remained at Washington University, becoming Professor Emeritus in 1975. In 1972 Rosenzweig founded and became the managing director of the Foundation for Idiodynamics and the Creative Process. He retired in 1975, and died in 2004 at the age of 97.