Subseries 3: By Others, 1949-1977

Box M4577 / Folder 4
Analysis and Measurement of Human Torsional Eye Movements, Dissertation by Andrew Endre Kertesz, 1969

Box M4577 / Folder 5
Studies of Dark Adaptation for Normal Binocular Vision; Luminosity Functions Obtained with Different Methods and Different Viewing Conditions by H. R. and O. M. Blackwell; and The Design and Calibration of a Special Comparator for Measuring Visual Luminosity Functions by B. S. Pritchard, 1958-1959

Box M4577 / Folder 6
Effects of Luminance and Wavelength on the Stiles-Crawford Effect in Dichromats by J. Stuart Starr, 1977

Box M4577 / Folder 7
Electronics Bignall, Undated

Box M4577 / Folder 8
Glare Studies--Two Papers by Alexander Ivanoff and G. A. W. Rutgers, 1949, Undated

Box M4578 / Folder 1
Government Publications on Vision, Undated

Box M4578 / Folder 2
Graphical Analysis Clinical Findings, Undated

Box M4578 / Folder 3
History of the Physiology of Michigan, Undated

Box M4578 / Folder 4
Rehabituation in Perception, 1953

Box M4578 / Folder 5
Saturation in Human Cones, 1975

Box M4578 / Folder 6
Visual Activity, 1940