Cornelius Wandmacher Papers, 1918-1986

Descriptive Summary
Biography of Cornelius D. Wandmacher
Scope and Content
Statement of Arrangement
Indexing Terms
Administrative Information
Detailed Description of The Collection
Engineering Education Reports
Guide to Selected References from the Library and files of Cornelius Windmacher
Report of Activities on Academic Leave, 9/1/1974-6/22/75 by Cornelius Wandmacher
Report of the Investigation of Engineering Education 1923-1929 accompanied by the supplemental report in Technical Institutes 1928-1929, vol. 1 & 2
A Study of Engineering Education
The Technical Institute in America
The Education of the Administrator
The Journal of Engineering Education and other American Society for Engineering Education Publications
Technology and Society
Various Reports concerning Undergraduate and Graduate Engineering Education
Goals of Engineering Education, UC/Hawkins
Goals of Engineering Education - Gra. Pettit
ASEE Evaluation of Engineering, Committee/Grinter
Accreditation Processes - Reets.
Engineering Education
Key to the Collection of various reports, appraisals, evaluations, and related documents on Engineering Education
NSPE Professional Schools of Engineering - Blackburn
ASCE Committee on Engineering Education
Civil Engineering Education, vol. 1 & 2
Civil Engineering Education
Civil Engineering Education, vol. 1
Higher Education for American Democracy
The College and the Student
ASCE Education Conference
ASCE Workbook for Civil Engineering Accreditation Forum
World Congress
Various articles concerning Mechanical Engineering, trends in USA, etc.
Journal of Engineering Education in Southeast Asia
The Australia Institution of Engineers Conference
Engineering Education - Co-op and General Literature
Guide to selected references from the Library and files of Cornelius Wandmacher
Cooperative Education in the U.S., Bulletin
September 19, 1962 Edition of "The Wingfoot Clan"
"Engineering Education"
Co-op Education Discussions
Various articles on cooperative education
Co-op Education, CED/CEA
Various publications on co-op and education
"Ambassador to Industry: The Idea and Life of Herman Schneider"
"Work - Study College Programs"
Engineering Education - Faculty Development and Learning
Key to the collections of various reports, appraisals, evaluations, and related documents on Engineering Education
"The Teaching Professor," vol. 1, no. 6, August 1987
ERM Division
Regional Effective Training Workshops and others
CDEF - Com. Dev. Engrg. Faculty - Foecke
PA State Adv. Comm. YET
PA State '63 and general
YET Summer School Proposals
ASEE Penn State Summer Institutes for young engineering teachers METS-YETS
"Efficient Teaching... A Keystone to Learning"
"Achieve Learning Objectives: Become Better Learning Leaders"
"Educational Research and Methods"
"A Summer Institute on Medical Teaching: Report of a Conference"
Historical Papers of the Sessions on Civil Engineering and on Engineering Drawing and Descriptive Geometry"
"The Two Ends of the Log: Learning and Teaching in Today's College"
"Effective Teaching and Learning"
"Speaking about Teaching: Commission on English"
"Our Technological Environment: Challenge and Opportunity"
"Continuing Engineering Studies Series," ASEE Conference Reports 1966-1973, and other reports
Engineering Education - Professional Development
Key to the collection of various reports, appraisals, evaluations, and related documents on Engineering Education
"Professional Climate in Engineering: A College Industry Conference:
Engineering Fdtn. Res. Conf. - Continuing Educaion, Berwick Academy
Professional Guide for Young Engineers
First Five Years - FFY Kit
Six Points Articles - FFY
Career Orientation
Continuing Education
Professional Identification
Responsible Citizenship
Selected Reading
Personal Appraisal
First 25 years of FFY
Community Implementation Manual
The Second Mile
Employment and Engineering Recommendations- Pamphlets, Reports, etc.
"... where freedom exists..." a series of speeches by Walter C. Langsam
ASEE publications, "Journal of Engineering Education"
Engineering Education - Reference Materials
Reference Documents
Articles and correspondence concerning the goals of Engineering Education
Cornelius Wandmacher papers and talks
"Cincinnati Horizons," vol. 14, no.2, December 1984
Advanced Level Accreditation
50th Anniversary of Cooperative Education
50th Co-op Year
Public Relations - Outline Plans
Programs of various events of 50th anniversary
50th Anniversary Cooperative Education
50th Anniversary Publicity Kit
50th Anniversary Steering Committee
Theme Statement
50th Anniversary Budget and Expense
New Record
Alumni Participation
Faculty Participation
Statements, Reports, etc
"Education and Industry at Work for Progress", UC
Participation Plans
Commemorative Issues of Magazines celebrating the 50th anniversary of UC's Cooperative Education Program
50th Anniversary of Co-op Ed. Packet
Reference copies of 50th anniversary material
Publicity clippings
E-I Book
Personal Reference Manual of Professor Wandmacher, Chairman, 50th Anniversary Observance Committee
Map - I-275, Cardinal Parkway
Maps - Canals of Ohio, Bridges
Letter and photographs concerning destruction of Toldeo, Ohio's Fasset Street Bridge
1981 Calendar illustrated with historic, bridges, aquaducts, and viaducts
Picture of McMicken Hall
Engineers Council for Professional Development Publications; "Faith of the Engineer" and "Canons of Ethics for Engineers"
Program and photos of "Engineering at UC Day"
Posters advertising "Panorama of Progress" Program