University of Cincinnati College of Education Teacher Certification Records, 1987

Descriptive Summary
Scope and Content
Statement of Arrangement
Indexing Terms
Related/Separated Materials
Administrative Information
Detailed Description of The Collection
Box 1
School of Social Work
SLD Graduate Program
Developmentally Handicapped
Multiple handicapped (Grad)
Developmentally Handicapped
Orthopedically Handicapped
Hearing Handicapped Proposed Program
Multihandicapped Graduate Level Certification Program
Undergrad Developmental Handicap Proposed Certification Program
Secondary Science
Secondary Education Communications
Secondary Mathematics Program
Secondary Social Studies Education Proposed Certification Program
Secondary Computer Science
Ohio Department of Education Standards For: School Social Worker
Reading Endorsement and Validation
School Speech-Language Pathologist Graduate Certificate Program
School Audiologist Proposed Certification Program
Early Childhood Proposed Certification Program
Health Education Proposed Program
Box 2
School Counseling
Social Sciences
School of Social Work
Hearing Handicapped
Severe Behavior Handicapped Graduate Level Certification Program
Orthopedically Handicapped Proposed Program
Multiple Handicapped Undergraduate Certification program
Multiple handicapped Undergraduate
SLD Graduate Program
Social Sciences
School Psychology
Specific Learning Disability Graduate Level Certificate Program
Secondary Foreign Language Education Proposed Certificate Program
Secondary Science Education
Developmentally Handicapped Graduate Certificate Program
Art Education Proposed Program
Library/Media Certification
Ohio Department of Education Standard For: School Counselors
Supervision Certificate
School Psychology