University of Cincinnati, College of Education and Home Economics Records, 1964-1973

Descriptive Summary
Scope and Content
Statement of Arrangement
Indexing Terms
Related/Separated Materials
Administrative Information
Detailed Description of The Collection
Box 1
Department Organization: Structure
Faculty Comments on Objectives and Policies
Faculty Council
Faculty Council
Faculty Functions Committee
Faculty Loads
Assessment of Faculty Performance
Source of Funding
Graduate Education Club
Graduate Teaching Assistantships
Learning and Resources Center
Mathematics Education Program
Memos to Department Heads
Memos to Faculty
School of Education (General File)
School of Education (General File)
Vice President for Development Frank T. Purdy
Vice President for Research George Rieveschl
Box 2
Associate Vice President for Planning
Daily, William E.
Committee on Instructional Media
Committee on Student Affairs
Guidelines for Preparations of Proposals
Other Colleges
Paraprofessionals Teacher Aids
Paraprofessionals Training
Dan Ransohoff
Martha B. Ransohoff Lecture Fund
Recruitment Materials
Registration Complaints
Salaries - Other Universities
Space Requirements
Systematic Training of Elementary Principals
Student Education Association
Southwestern Ohio Educational Research Council, Inc.
Teacher Corporation Program
Tomorrow's Educational System Today
College of Education Tribunal
Westinghouse Learning Corporation
Old Committee Records
Biological Science in the Secondary School
Royse Brown Materials (Original)
Business Education Development
Child Development
College of Education (Graducation Facility)
College Management Lou Fisher
Departmental Organization Transfer Students
Committee on Governance
Departmental Organizations: Advising and Admissions
Application for a school visit
School Visits
School Visits
School Visits
Tutorial Program
Class Lists
Education 105
Syllabus Education 101-102
Miscellaneous Education 105
Instructor's Manual
Box 3
Education 101-102 Staff Meeting
Grades - Education 105
Instructors Education 105
Dean Schein
Year End Projects
Don Zemanek
Curriculum and Instruction
Educational Administration
Box 4
Psychological Foundations
Psychological Foundations
Special Education
General - Special Education
Vocational Education
Home Economics
Arlitt Child Development Center
Arlitt Child Development Center
College of Education and Home Economics
A Process of Change
EMR Program Development