Finding aid for the University of Cincinnati, College of Education, Dean's Offices Files, 1906-1933; 1969-1979

University of Cincinnati, College of Education, Dean's Offices Files, 1906-1933; 1969-1979
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University of Cincinnati. College of Education
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This collection contains manuscript and printed correspondence, administrative office files, and articles relating to the administrative and professional activities of the Deans of the College of Education and the former College of Education and Home Economics at the University of Cincinnati. It includes the files of Deans Burris, Pechstein, Schein, and Gideonse. Their is a gap in the dates of the material between 1933 and 1969.
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The records are in English

Scope and Content

This collection contains manuscript and printed correspondence, administrative office files, and articles relating to the administrative and professional activities of the Deans of the College of Education and the former College of Education and Home Economics at the University of Cincinnati. It includes the files of Deans Burris, Pechstein, Schein, and Gideonse. Their is a gap in the dates of the material between 1933 and 1969.

Statement of Arrangement

Materials are arranged chronologically and topically by Dean.

Restrictions on Use

Boxes 96 and 97 contain records of the Enrollment Planning Task Fores and are accessible with the permission of the Dean of the College of Education.

Restrictions on Access

This collection is open for research.

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Education, Higher - Administration


Burris, William Paxton, 1865-
Gideonse, Hendrik D.
Pechstein, Louis Augustus, 1888-1978
Schein, Jerome Daniel

Preferred Citation

The preferred form of citation for this collection is: College of Education, Dean's Office Files, 1906-1933; 1969-1979, UA-90-73, Archives and Rare Books Library, The University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Detailed Description of The Collection

College of Education & Home Economics, Deans Burris and Pechstein (formerly UA-72-01), 1906-1926

Box 1
Correspondence, Superintendent's Office, Historical, 1915-1917

Box 2
Correspondence, Superintendent's Office, Historical, 1913-1917

Box 3
Correspondence, A-G (Dean Burris), 1906-1918

Box 4
Correspondence, H-R (Dean Burris), 1906-1918

Box 5
Correspondence, Randall Judson Condon, Superintendent of Schools, 1912-1921

Box 6
Correspondence, Dr. C.W. Dabney, President of the University of Cincinnati, 1913-1921

Box 7
Correspondence, Office of the Dean, 1918

Box 8
Correspondence, Office of the Dean, A-Z, 1918-1919

Box 9
Correspondence, State Department of Education (1919-1921); Certificate Lists (1914-1921), 1914-1921

Box 10
Correspondence, A-L (1919-1920); Miscellaneous (1918-1920) (Dean Burris), 1918-1920

Box 11
Correspondence, M-Z (Dean Burris), 1919-1920

Box 12
Correspondence, A-P (Dean Burris), 1920-1921

Box 13
Correspondence, R-Z (Dean Burris), 1920-1921

Box 14
Correspondence, A-L (Dean Burris), 1921-1922

College of Education Dean's Office Files (formerly UA-81-27), 1921-1933

Box 15
Correspondence, M-Z (Dean Burris), 1921-1922

Box 16
Correspondence, Home Economics Department, 1922

Box 17
Correspondence, Dr. Hall-Quest, Professor of Education, 1921-1922

Box 18
Correspondence, A-Z (Dean Pechstein), 1922-1923

Box 19
Correspondence, A-D (Dean Pechstein), 1922-1923

Box 20
Correspondence, D-P (Dean Pechstein), 1922-1923

Box 21
Correspondence, P-Z (Dean Pechstein), 1922-1923

Box 22
Correspodence, A-Cl (Dean Pechstein), 1923-1924

Box 23
Correspondence, Cl-Ed (Dean Pechstein), 1923-1924

Box 24
Correspondence, Ed-Li (Dean Pechstein), 1923-1924

Box 25
Correspondence, Li-Stu, 1923-1924

Box 26
Correspondence, Stu-Z (Dean Pechstein), 1923-1924

Box 27
Official Proceedings, Board of Education, 1924

Box 28
Correspondence, A-Ed (Dean Pechstein), 1924-1925

Box 29
Correspondence, Exp-Per (Dean Pechstein), 1924-1925

Box 30
Correspondence, Per-Sum (Dean Pechstein), 1924-1925

Box 31
Correspondence (Dean Pechstein), 1925-1926

Box 32
Correspondence, A-E (Dean Pechstein), 1925-1926

Box 33
Correspondence, F-Per (Dean Pechstein), 1925-1926

Box 34
Correspondence, Per-S (Dean Pechstein), 1925-1926

Box 35
Correspondence, Phi-Z (Dean Pechstein), 1925-1926

Box 36
Correspondence, Administration (Dean Pechstein), 1926-1927

Box 37
Organization, A-Z; Miscelleanous, 1926-1927

Box 38
Staff; Prospective Students, 1926-1927

Box 39
Student Teachers; Graduate Work, 1926-1927

Box 40
Summer Session, Public Schools, 1926-1927

Box 41
Office of the Dean - Graduate Students; President Frederick C. Hicks, 1927-1928

Box 42
Faculty; Professional Credit; General; McConnell, Estella L.; Avey, Gertrude; Teacher-In-Service Bulletin, 1927-1928

Box 43
Copy for Annual Announcement; Summer Advertising; Staff Minutes; Joint Committee; Training School; Committees; Board of Mothers Train.; Staff Directory; Registration; Expansion; Enrollment; Co-Op Teachers; Commencement; Budget, 1927-1928

Box 44
Extension; Graduation Committee; Admissions; Advisers in Education; Pros. Kg.; State Department; Recommendations; Fellowships; Student Teachers; Applicants; Appointments; Second Semester Bulletin; First Semester Bulletin; Arlitt, Ada Hart; Hines, Harlan C., 1927-1928

Box 45
Cincinnati Art Academy; Cincinnati College of Music; Cincinnati Conservatory; Glendale College; Schuster-Martin, Mrs. Helen; Associations; Second Conference; College Lunch; Clubs; Phi Delta Kappa (KDP), 1927-1928

Box 46
Registrar; Requisition; Clerk-Board of Education; Associate Superintendent Edward D. Roberts; Assistant Superintendent, Charles Otterman; Logan; University Senate; Fernald, Mabel R.; Special Departments; 23rd District School; Fairview School; Superintendent R.J. Condon, 1927-1928

Box 47
Ohio Association; SW Association; Torch Cub; Correspondence with Dean; Dean's Courses; Papers Presented and Published; Engagements; Pros. Eng.; Eng. Filled; Speeches; Telegrams; Pechstein Texts, 1927-1928

Box 48
Miscellaneous; Publicity; Clippings; Announcements, 1927-1928

Box 49
Personal, Dean Pechstein; Personal, Elizabeth Pechstein; Bills; Recommendations; University of Rochester; Staff; Dean Burris, 1927-1928

Box 50
Summer Session Report, 1927-1928

Box 51
Dean Pechstein; Correspondence; Courses; Articles; Papers; Engagements; Recommendations, 1927-1928

Box 52
Mr. Lawrence; President; Registrar; Special Departments; Roberts, Edward D.; Condon, R.J.; Clerk; Board of Education Budget; High School Pupils; Cincinnati Conservatory; Cincinnati College of Music, 1928-1929

Box 53
Staff; First Semester Courses; Second Semester Courses; Extension; Graduate Committee; Graduate School (LA); Library; Dean of Women; Dyer, Elizabeth; Dean (LA); Faculty; Department Heads; Summer, 1928-1929

Box 54
Joint Committee; Annual Report of the President; College of Education Lunch; College of Education Budget; Commencement; Placement; Room Schedule; Enrollment; Registration; Committees; Board of Mother' Train.; Correspondence with the Dean; Curriculum Committee; Education Bills; Advisors; Student Teachers, 1928-1929

Box 55
Associations; Publicity; Miscellaneous, 1928-1929

Box 56
Office of the Dean (Pechstein), 1929-1930

Box 57
Appointments; Extension; Summer Session; Bond Issues; President; Business Manager; Superintendent; State Department; Organizations; Miscelleanous; Cincinnati Conservatory; Cincinnati College of Music, 1929-1930

Box 58
Administrative Details; Committees; Staff; Liberal Arts - Talbert (for Appl.); Probation; Student Teaching Merit Lists, 1929-1930

Box 59
Commencement; Committees; Personal, Dean Pechstein; Staff, 1930-1931

Box 60
Correspondence (Dean Pechstein), 1930-1931

Box 61
Courses (Dean Pechstein), 1930

Box 62
Faculty Campbell, Harriet Collins, Walter L. Cook, Rosamond Cook, William A. Coops, Helen Ely, S.L. Fry, Grace Anna Gregory, C.A. Hendrickson, Gordon Jacobs, Ralph L. Jenkins, Frances Justice, W.A. [empty] Shank, Spencer Smith, Helen Streitz, Ruth Waite, Mary G. Physical Education Instructors Klee, Eba Graduate Assistants, Fellows Babcock, George Physical Education Department (other than heads) Schedule Sheets, 1931-1932

Box 63
Educational Measurement Tests, 1931-1932

Box 64
Building Inventory, 1931-1932

Box 65
Organization, 1931-1932

Box 66
Superintendent of Schools; Board of Education; Dean's Office Materials, 1932-1933

Box 67
Class Rolls; Commencement; Enrollment; Office Administration; Dean's Office Materials, 1932-1933

Box 68
Advisor's; Petitions; Probation Students; Dean's Office Materials, 1932-1933

Box 69
Dean Pechstein's Notes: Psychology, History of Modern Psychology, Child Psychology, Psychology of Elementary School Subjects, undated

Box 70
Dean Pechstein's Notes: Applied Psychology, Experimental Psychology, undated

Box 71
Dean Pechstein's Notes: Experimental Psychology, undated

Box 72
Dean Pechstein, Text Material, Child Psychology, undated

Box 73
Dean Pechstein, Text, Child Psychology, undated

Box 74
Dean Pechstein, Psychology of the Kindergarten - Primary Child, undated

Box 75
Dean Pechstein, Text, Psychology of the Junior High School Pupil, undated

Box 76
Dean Pechstein, Manuscript, Psychology of the High School Pupil, undated

Box 77
Dean Pechstein: History of Education, Foreign School Systems Statistics, Vocational Guidance (Lecture to Freshman), undated

Box 78
Dean Pechstein, Studies and Class Material, undated

Box 79
Dean Pechstein, Papers Written, undated

Box 80
Dean Pechstein, Assorted Articles, University of Rochester, undated

Box 81
Dean Pechstein, Assorted Articles, University of Rochester, undated

College of Education, Deans Schein and Gideonse (formerly UA-81-27), 1972-1979

Box 82
Administrative Council; College Senate, 1974-1978

Box 83
Health, Physical Education, and Recreation (1972-1978); Learning and Development (1973-1978); Vocational Education (1973-1978); Special Education (1973-1978), 1972-1978

Box 84
Early Childhood Education (1976-1978); Summer School (1971-1979); Commencement (1977-1978); Continuing Education, Community Education (1974-1978); Educational Reports (1976-1979); Alumni Association (1975-1978), 1974-1978

Box 85
National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), (1976-1979); Admissions Statistics, (1978-1979); Curriculum Resource Lab, (1971-1977); State Department of Education, ( 1973-78); Annie Laws Renovation, (1974-1875); Citizen School Committee, (1974); Consortium of CBE Centers, ( 1974-75); Faculty Effort Task Force, (1975); Accredidation, Enquirer Article, ( 1974); Governance Study Group, (1972), 1971-1979

Box 86
Mainstreaming, Project, ( 1977-1979); Grant- Dean Gideonse ( 1977-1979); Proposal, Naute, ( 1977-1979), 1977-1979

Box 87
Mainstreaming, Project, (1975-77); Faculty Responses ( 1977), 1975-1977

Box 89
Space Committee, ( 1973-77); Graduate Faculty, University. (1969-78) University Senate, ( 1973-78); Commencement ( 1974-75), 1969-1978

Box 90
Program for Development of International Educators, ( 1975-79); Curriculum and Instruction, ( 1971-77); Education Administration, ( 1976-78), 1971-1979

Box 91
State Department of Education, ( 1971-74) Women's Studies ( 1975-79); Timelining, State Department of Education ( 1976-79); Project 419, ( 1977-79); Affirmative Action, (1973-79);, 1971-1979

Box 92
Affirmative Action, (1973-79); Spectrum and Kaleidascope Evaluation, ( 1974-75); Learning and Resource Centers ( LARC), ( 1975); Evaluation, ( 1974); ( 1973-1975); Social Foundations, ( 1970-76); Nutrition and Dietetics, ( 1975-77);, 1970-1979

Box 93
Head Start Training Programs, ( 1973-1975); Nutrition and Dietetics ( 1972-75); Career Opportunities Program, ( 1973-76); Early Childhood Education, ( 1973-76) Special Education, ( 1974) Nutrition and Dietetics, ( 1975-77, 1972-1976

Box 94
Special Education, (1976); Education Administration, ( 1973-76); Special Education, (1975); Business Education Laboratory, (1973-75); Faculty Resource Center, ( 1971-77); Long Range Plans, College ( 1972); Long Range Planning Task Force, ( 1972-74); Reports ( 1972); Center for Law-Related Education, ( 1977); Reorganization, ( 1978); State Teacher Reform, ( 1973-74); University Senate Committee Report #1, ( 1974); Workshop, ( 1977-78) Butler State Park, ( 1978);, 1971-1978

Box 95
Merry Junior High School, ( 1975-76); Honors Day Speech, ( 1975,1977); Correspondence: Ralph Bursiek ( 1971-76) James Eden, ( 1973-75) Robert Fopma,( 1972-73) John Henderson, ( 1975) William Jenike, ( 1973-75) Carl Osterbrook/ Marvin Schwartz, ( 1970-79) Garland Parker, ( 1970-770 Robert O'Neil, ( 1972-75) Gene Lewis, ( 1973-75) Warren Bennis ( 1973-78); Council for College Deans, ( 1975-77), 1970-1979

Box 96
Enrollment Planning Task Force, Undated

Box 97
Enrollment Planning Task Force, Undated