Papers of Admiral Richard E. Byrd

Descriptive Summary
Biography of Richard E. Byrd
Scope and Content
Statement of Arrangement
Indexing Terms
Administrative Information
Detailed Description of The Collection
Series I: Byrd Personal Papers
Sub-Series 1: Correspondence, Family
Sub-Series 2: Correspondence, Public. Arranged by Topic
Sub-Series 3: Correspondence, Public. Arranged by Correspondent
Sub-Series 4: Correspondence, Notebooks
Sub-Series 5: Speeches and Interviews
Sub-Series 6: Financial Records
Sub-Series 7: Notebooks
Sub-Series 8: Certificates and Honorary Degrees
Sub-Series 9: Published Writings by Byrd
Sub-Series 10: Unpublished Writings by Byrd
Sub-Series 11: Published Writings About Byrd
Sub-Series 12: Unpublished Writings About Byrd
Sub-Series 13: Organizational Involvements and Activities
Sub-Series 14: Military Papers
Sub-Series 15: Miscellaneous Family Papers
Sub-Series 16: Address Cards
Sub-Series 17: Confidential Personal Material
Series II: Expeditionary Records
Sub-Series 1: Donald MacMillan Expedition
Sub-Series 2: North Pole Flight
Sub-Series 3: Trans-Atlantic Flight
Sub-Series 4: Byrd Antarctic Expedition I
Sub-Series 5: Byrd Antarctic Expedition II
Sub-Series 6: United States Antarctic Service
Sub-Series 7: Operation Highjump
Sub-Series 8: Operation Highjump II (cancelled)
Sub-Series 9: Operation Deepfreeze
Sub-Series 10: Operation Deepfreeze II
Sub-series 11: Other Expeditionary Records
Series III: Photographs
Sub-Series 1: Personal Photographs
Sub-Series 2: Expeditionary Photographs
Sub-Series 3: Public Photographs
Sub-Series 4: Photograph Albums
Sub-Series 5: Expeditions Not Involving Byrd
Sub-Series 6: Boston Street Scenes
Sub-Series 7: Chicago World's Fair
Sub-Series 8: News Photographs Not Related to Byrd
Sub-Series 9: Slides
Sub-Series 10: Negatives
Sub-Series 11: Unidentified Photographs
Sub-Series 12: Oversize Photographs
Sub-Series 13: Oversize Albums
Series IV: Byrd Sextant and Early Aviation
Series V: Richard E. Byrd, Jr. Papers
Sub-Series 1: Correspondence, Notes, and Radiograms
Sub-Series 2: Subject Files
Series VI: Newspaper Accounts
Sub-Series 3: Oversized Scrapbooks
Sub-Series 2: Scrapbooks
Sub-Series 1: Newspaper Clippings
Series VII: Byrd Prize Letter Contest
Series VIII: Byrd Family Stock Records
Series IX: Polar Research Papers
Series X: Films
Sub-Series 1: Lecture Films
Sub-Series 2: Titled Films
Sub-Series 3: Films with Contrived Titles
Sub-Series 4: Untitled Films
Sub-Series 5: Outtakes
Sub-Series 6: Family Films
Sub-Series 7: Damaged Films
Sub-Series 8: Scripts
Series XI: Audio Tapes
Sub- Series 1: Speeches and Interviews
Sub-Series 2: Ceremonies For Byrd
Sub-Series 3: Posthumous Ceremonies and Discussions Regarding Byrd
Sub-Series 4: Operation Deep Freeze
Sub-Series 5: Byrd, Richard E., Jr., Discussions and Telephone Conversations
Sub-Series 6: Cassettes
Series XII: Phonograph Records
Sub-Series 1: Speeches, Interviews, and Ceremonies
Sub-Series 2: Expeditions
Sub-Series 3: Family Recordings
Sub-Series 4: Plastic Green Discs (Recorded Primarily by Richard E. Byrd, Jr.)
Series XIII: Maps and Charts
Sub-Series 1: Antarctica
Sub-Series 2: Arctic Regions
Sub-Series 3: Other Maps
Sub-Series 4: Charts
Series XIV: Artifacts
Sub-Series 1: Expeditionary Artifacts and Paintings and Drawings
Sub-Series 2: Exhibit Items
Sub-Series 3: Household Items
Sub-Series 4: Clothing