Other Finding Aids

A portion of this collection was previously described in the following inventory:

The contents of this typed inventory (below; divided into eight parts due to length) have been integrated into this finding aid and are primarily located in Series 1 (Writing) and Series 2 (Speaking).

In most instances, the description in this current finding aid is a condensed version of the description available in the inventory linked below.

Researchers should note that the eight parts linked below list materials in strict alphabetical order by title; in this current finding aid, the same content has been incorporated in the chronological order that Bromfield created these items (to coincide with the arrangement of the rest of the materials in the collection). Therefore, researchers consulting both the original inventory and the current finding aid will find the same items listed in different locations within the two documents.

Boxes 1-10
Boxes 11-20
Boxes 21-30
Boxes 31-40
Boxes 41-49
Boxes 50-53
Boxes 54-56
Boxes 57-63