d.a. levy and family archive

Descriptive Summary
Biography of d.a. levy
Scope and Content
Statement of Arrangement
Subject Headings
Related/Separated Materials
Administrative Information
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Detailed Description of The Collection
Series 1: Manuscripts
Sub-series 1: Early Poems
Sub-series 2: Later Poems
Sub-series 3: Undated Works
Sub-series 4: Untitled Work
Sub-series 5: Other Manuscripts
Sub-series 6: Loose sheets, stapled booklets
Sub-series 7: Unattributed Manuscript (possibly by levy)
Series 2: Books, Periodicals, Cards, and Flyers Published by d. a. levy
Sub-series 1: Books, Periodicals, Cards, and Flyers Published by levy, Not in the Horvath & Taylor Bibliography
Series 3: Books by d. a. levy, Published by Others
Series 4: Publications with Contributions by d. a. levy
Sub-series 1: Books with levy Contributions
Sub-series 2: Periodicals with levy Contributions
Series 5: Rejection Letters
Series 6: Paintings and Collages by d. a. levy
Sub-series 1: Dated and Credited Artwork
Sub-series 2: Undated Artwork
Sub-series 3: Items Related to levy's Artwork
Series 7: Photographs Taken by d. a. levy
Series 8: Letters and Cards (Correspondence) from d. a. levy
Sub-series 1: Cards to Mom and Dad (early youth)
Sub-series 2: Letters and Cards to Carol and Joseph Levey
Sub-series 3: Letters to Jim and Charlene Levey
Sub-series 4: No Named Recipient
Sub-series 5: "Neal Emerson Dubber" Correspondence
Series 9: Biographical Materials
Sub-series 1: Childhood Materials
Sub-series 2: US Navy
Sub-series 3: Richard Allen Morris and San Diego Materials
Sub-series 4: Newspaper Clippings
Series 10: Items from the Collection of d. a. levy
Sub-series 1: d. a. levy "in Print" Scrapbook Pages
Sub-series 2: Correspondence to levy
Sub-series 3: Books Inscribed to, Inscribed by, or with a Connection to levy
Sub-series 4: Artwork, Manuscripts, and Books by or Published by Clevelanders
Sub-series 5: Items from the Cleveland Poetry Scene
Sub-series 6: The Second Trip West
Sub-series 7: Photographs
Sub-series 8: Periodicals with a Direct Connection to levy
Sub-series 9: Cleveland Periodicals
Sub-series 10: Other Periodicals
Sub-series 11: Books from the Library of d. a. levy
Sub-series 12: Materials for the Study of Eastern Religion
Sub-series 13: Image Reference Materials
Sub-series 14: Other Printed Materials
Sub-series 15: Drawings by Others
Sub-series 16: Posthumous levy Ephemera