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Annunciation School opened in 1914, in the building that had just been vacated by the short-lived Good Samaritan Hospital Annex. The first year enrolled grades 1 through 4 with an additional two grades accepted until it was a normal elementary school. The first principal was Sister Ignatius Loyola Corrigan.

For the first 30 years of the school, the Sisters lived in various places-St. Joseph Orphanage, Good Samaritan Hospital, Santa Maria Institute, and St. Joseph Infant Home. By 1944, they no longer commuted, but lived on the second floor of the school. As for the school building itself, the original building served until 1929. That year a new church building was ready, so the school occupied the old church. In 1947, a new school building was dedicated. The Sisters of Charity continued to teach in the school until 1990. The last Sister of Charity principal was Sister Shirley Dix.