Art Academy of Cincinnati Records

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Student Artwork
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History of the Academy
Ladies' Academy of Fine Arts, 1854-1864
Transfer of Art School from University of Cincinnati to Museum Association, 1874-1888
Academy Building, 1887-1937
Early Correspondence, miscellaneous, 1887-1897
Beaux Arts Balls, correspondence and other papers including a general history of the balls from Apr 1948
Accounts of Academy History, 1886-1994
Miscellaneous Materials Relating to Academy History, 1876-2005
Deans' Records, 1950-1990
Faculty Meetings, 1964-1997
Reports to Cincinnati Museum Association, 1896-1985
Course and Program Information, 1894-1981
Faculty and Staff Information
Finances and Financial Aid, 1883-1984
Admission and Enrollment, 1929-1983
Publicity, 1870s-2000s
Building & Grounds, 1887-1984
Academy Membership of Associations, 1946-1989
Student Council, 1969-1978
Registrars' Records, 1920-1980
Scholarship Requirements, 1947-1975
Scholarship Applicants and Winners, 1916-1977
Art Academy Entrance Scholarships, 1951-1989
Individual Scholarship and Competition Information, 1947-1977
Wilder Scholarship Application Essays and Correspondence, 1947-1979
Donor Correspondence, 1951-1979
Early Scholarship Records, 1887-1927
Miscellaneous Scholarship Material, 1955-1981
Faculty Exhibitions, 1967-1975
Student Exhibitions, c.1890-1972
Miscellaneous Exhibitions, 1954-1995
Student Records
Student Applications, 1873-1948
Student Tickets, 1886-1946
Student Record Cards & Transcripts, 1889-1974
Class Lists, 1877-1977
Student Indexes, 1883-1945
Miscellaneous Student Lists, 1888-1985
Circulars and Catalogs, 1868-2000
Brochures/Posters for Summer Classes, Miscellaneous Classes, and Community Education, 1900-2000
Annual Reports, 1998-2006
Student Handbooks, 1978-2002
Exhibitions, Lectures and Events, 1923-2008
Academy Newspapers and Newsletters, 1918-2012
Calendars of Student Artwork, 1992-2008
Programs and Activities for Children/Young Adults, 1994-2000
Other Publications, 1927-2007
Oversized Posters, 1973-1996
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