The collection is organized into three series. Series I, Comic Features, includes the comic features clipped from newspapers by the collector. Series II, Comic Sections, includes the entire Sunday comic sections kept intact by the collector. Series III, Individual Artists, includes boxes and files of tearsheets and clippings assembled by the collector, focusing on particular artists. The records in Series I will be most useful to researchers focusing on a particular comic feature. Those in Series II will be of use primarily to those who want to study a chronological run of Sunday sections from a particular newspaper or syndicate. Series III will be useful to those researching a particular artist; frequently there is early work that is difficult to find elsewhere. The materials in each series are arranged alphabetically, then chronologically, beginning with the earliest edition. In Series I, comic features are grouped alphabetically by feature title. Alternate titles are listed in addition to a uniform title. "Alternate title," as defined here, includes earlier, later, and concurrent variant titles. This single encompassing term has been used in order to maintain simplicity in the finding aid. For more complete explanations of title changes, the researcher should consult
The Stripper's Guide
, a database available by subscription on CD-ROM, which tracks the histories of comic strips in great detail, and which was of enormous help to the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum staff in the processing of this collection. The comic sections in Series II are arranged alphabetically by the titles of the newspapers in which they appeared. Many of the comic sections have been indexed for one-shots and other non-continuous cartoon material, and the results are included in these records. Continuing comic strips that appear in these sections are tracked in the PDFs; to see records for them, look under the comic strip titles in Series I and click on the links labeled "View detailed listing of holdings." The artist files in Series III are arranged alphabetically by artist name. They are kept in the collector's original order, which is usually chronological. General notes about the contents of the files are included.